Flocus Pro | R-Evolutionary Fiber
Kopak is the world cleanest more natural and active fiber. Kapok fiber from the past that will brighten our future, and the one of generations to come.
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R-Evolutionary Fiber

KAPOK comes from nature. Its amazing functional properties make it the perfect choice for those seeking yarns, fabrics, filling which deliver sustainable solutions with unique natural properties for the final product.  Today chemists are able to create all kinds of outstanding products in their laboratories. Many of them appear on the market under various names, which sometimes forget that NATURE itself is able to produce some pretty interesting products! KAPOK fiber is certainly one of these.


A singled out fiber is called floss and is springy slick and odorless. It sheds water like a bird’s back (down), and resists the passage of sound and heat, it is also half the weight and warmer than wool. KAPOK fiber supports as much as 38.6 times its own weight in water due to the hollow fiber. KAPOK combines several characteristics, which other fibers provide singularly.


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