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Kopak is the world cleanest more natural and active fiber. Kapok fiber from the past that will brighten our future, and the one of generations to come.
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Flocus kapok manufacturer

We are manufacturers and spinners specializing
in technologically innovative, sustainable
yarns, fabrics and fillings
made from nature’s finest kapok fibers.

Flocus has developed an innovative and effective spinning process
that allows creating yarns with the highest kapok content available on the market.

The unique properties of the eco fiber include
excellent water repellency – due to its natural protecting waxy surface –
and a very silky and soft touch to the skin.
Overall, products in kapok provide a pleasant wearing comfort.

The hollow structure of the natural fibers
create an unique combination of insulation and lightweight,
very suitable for fillings, yarns and fabrics.
This allows us, at Flocus, to offer a fully vegan,
sustainable alternative to various materials, both animal
and natural, which are connected with cruelty practices
and water consuming industrial processes. 

We have chosen to Naturefy = care and consider the nature


Flocus kapok manufacturer


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