Flocus Pro | FLOCUS™ Light filling awarded among the TOP TEN products of ISPO 2019/20
Kopak is the world cleanest more natural and active fiber. Kapok fiber from the past that will brighten our future, and the one of generations to come.
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FLOCUS™ Light filling awarded among the TOP TEN products of ISPO 2019/20

It’s with great pleasure that FLOCUS™ receives another award, the inclusion in the TOP TEN products of ISPO TEXTRENDS 2019/20.


ISPO TEXTRENDS is the high quality platform for future textile trends and innovations of the ISPO network. Every year its jury of experts, consultants and designers sets the trends for the oncoming seasonal innovations in the textile industry. FLOCUS™ Light filling was chosen to enter the ISPO Top Ten selection among more than 500 products for the Fall/Winter 19/20 season, covering ten sectors including street sports, insulation and trims.


FLOCUS™ applied specifically for the Eco Era section – focused on natural and sustainable solutions for the textile industry – with its 70% kapok – 30% polyester filling.


An entire collection of vegan, cruelty-free fillings, FLOCUS™ Light enjoy the amazing natural properties of kapok, a non-food crop derived fiber which thrives without human intervention in subtropical regions of the world. Hollow, buoyant, antibacterial, anti moth and anti mite, kapok fibers can be easily adapted to the needs of any textile sector, from outdoorsy and automotive, to fashion and workwear.


Technological innovation joins nature. And as in the words of the members of the jury, this ISPO 19/20 TEXTRENDS was clearly showing a major shift in the textile industry, “With a growing interest in bringing natural fibers into the performance market in hybrid blends and pure qualities(ISPO). A mission which FLOCUS has been conducting since its foundation, in 2015, and that has already got the recognition of PETA, Outdoor Fair 2016, Performance Days (2015).

FLOCUS™ Light will be exposed in Hall C3 of the ISPO TEXTRENDS forum.

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